Determine Training/Program Design
Information gathered during the analysis phase is reviewed, and an overall plan for training is developed. During this stage, decisions are made on the most effective sequence and methods to be used. Plans are also developed for the integration of technical training with any social skills or management skills training, which may be delivered concurrently. The integration of simulations, computer-based training, multimedia, video, and other necessary media is planned.

Develop Training & Support Maintenance System
To make a competency-based training system work, a support and maintenance system must be established. This system includes personnel (developers, trainers, secretarial support, etc.), training for these personnel, training facilities, production capability (computer hardware and software, copiers, etc), and integration of training information with other corporate records.

In this phase, we define the protocol for an ongoing monitoring and review process for the training materials. Periodic reviews and updates ensure that the training materials always reflect the performance and skill requirements of the workplace. Once the protocol is defined, responsibility for implementing the support system can be assigned either to in-house resources or to outside vendors.

During this development work, in-house trainers are selected and trained for their roles in the training system.

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Develop Training Materials
After the program design is completed, training materials are developed. Well-developed materials reduce the time required to train for each task, reduce training costs, increase productivity, and prove quality. During this phase, performance objectives, performance checks, and knowledge checks that ensure a trainee can perform each task are also developed. Necessary media and/or simulations are developed and worked into a seamless training environment that includes both classroom and on-the-job training (OJT). The training materials may be presented in a variety of formats including:
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Design & Development Phase


After the job and task analysis data is collected and evaluated, decisions are made on how best to train workers in the skills and knowledge necessary for job success.

Successful training systems are often designed to combine classroom instruction with on-the-job training and structured practice using media simulations and computer-based instruction. These activities are implemented and monitored by a structured support system. When in-house trainers are to be used, a selection process with criteria is established, and train-the-trainer materials are created.

At this point, training materials and evaluation materials are designed and developed. This emphasis on design ensures that the training process provides each trainee with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to perform successfully on the job.