Field Test & Revise Materials
This is an initial test of the materials with potential trainees to see if a typical trainee can easily follow the materials from start to finish. Materials are then revised as necessary. At this time, trainers get to practice their skills and improve on them with guidance from Task Trainers' experienced staff. As a part of the field test, approximate training times are calculated for each job or position. This information is then used to develop a final plan for implementing the initial phases of training. The plan is based on the number of trainers available, the number of workers to be trained in each position, and the total time estimated for the average worker to complete the training.

Use, Evaluate & Revise Training
Continuous review and upgrading of learning materials must occur as improvements in equipment and procedures are implemented. The review process ensures that relevance is tested continually and that the training materials remain current.

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Implementation & Evaluation Phase


The process of putting training into action begins in the implementation/evaluation phase. Materials, trainers, and trainees are involved in a field test to evaluate the materials and the skills of the trainers. Based on this evaluation, materials are revised, if necessary, and put into final production. If in-house production is used, an organization will have greater control over the revision and updating of materials in the future. Our model contains a feedback loop to indicate the training is never complete. In this model, training, materials development and revision are continual and ongoing.