A competency-based training system starts with a needs analysis
A needs analysis is designed to gather data on the causes of performance problems. This analysis separates problems that can be solved through training from those that cannot. Gaps between expected performance and actual performance that can be corrected through training are identified. As a part of the needs analysis, a proposal is developed that defines the scope of the development work required, timelines, staffing, resource needs, and a detailed budget outlining the costs for developing a complete training system. Often this includes a preliminary cost/benefit analysis.

If the need for training is confirmed, a cost/benefit analysis is conducted.
A cost/benefit analysis objectively defines the expected cost and benefits before a training program is developed. This allows for decisions on various approaches to be made in advance of crisis situations. It also helps clients to assess the potential return on investment (ROI) that is realized with a total training design project. Information projected at the beginning of a project must be maintained until the project is complete and results of the training become available. At this point, the true return on training investment can be measured.

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